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TDJI can help you with your personal growth by providing life-coaching, mentoring, parenting, match-making, event coordination, transportation services, or other personal services.  We can help you orchestrate and carry out a personal plan that will allow you to reach your personal goals.

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TDJI's Real Estate Services include options that range from housing development, project management, property management, real estate investment; to partnering with rental property owners to create win-win outcomes.  Let us help you with your disinvested or non-income producing properties.

As your business consultant, we can help your business maximize profits, improve internal processes, improve morale, provide exceptional services, and increase business in a competitive environment.  TDJI can help small businesses grow and large businesses manage growth with a range of professional services and products.  We can train your staff and your Supervisors to be effective, customer-oriented and stewards of a positive and healthy work environment. 



TDJI can help small businesses grow and large businesses manage growth with a range of tailored products and professional services.  We provide professional services that can improve the overall well-being and/or the financial health of an individual, a business, or even a community.  We specialize in implementing and managing creative housing solutions, developing community-based projects, business consulting, and personal services.   Tonja Jenkins and her team will provide the professional and courteous service you deserve during each interaction.