About TDJ Investments, llc.

BUSINESS, community & personal services

TDJ Investments, LLC (TDJI) is a small minority-owned, Veteran-owned, woman-owned company.  Veteran business consultant Tonja D. Jenkins started TDJI in 2014 after spending nearly 20 years working for a variety of private, state and federal business enterprises that have provided her a diverse work experience in the areas of construction management, real estate investment, business management and consulting, contracting, housing development, self-sufficiency education, life coaching, financial literacy, motivational speaking and process improvement.  The Air Force Veteran earned her Bachelors of Science in Management Studies in 2007, and her Masters of Science in Management in 2012.  Since she launched TDJI, the company has focused its efforts in the areas of its proven strengths:  real estate, business consulting and personal services.  

At TDJI, founder Tonja Jenkins and her team believe that true success is about more than growing their business portfolio.  We work with a handful of companies at a time, to give concentrated attention to guarantee success.  Tonja has donated countless hours of pro-bono work in small business consulting for the last 15 years.  She has proven her skills in the business world; but also in the non-profit world by providing housing and self-sufficiency counseling, and homeownership mentoring to the non-profit arena.  She started TDJI in 2014, and focused on learning about all aspects of real estate investing.   Since then, TDJI has been able to hone in on what the greatest need is for small businesses, and now offers those same professional services to you. 

TDJI also offers a community investing component - based on the owner's non-profit roots.  Providing personal self-improvement and self-sufficiency services were a part of homeownership preparation courses that Ms. Jenkins used to provide from 2001 to 2005.  The connection of rebuilding families and communities from the inside-out was identified as the cornerstone of healthy families and communities. TDJI is committed not just to improving the process of learning to be successful as a person and/or a company, but to making America a better place to live.