• TDJI can assist homeowners and investors in finding affordable and/or tailored housing solutions.
  • We can intervene in the foreclosure process and salvage your credit.
  • Let us offer a fair price for real estate that you don't have time to repair.
  • We buy boarded homes!  Let us take them off of your hands.
  • Allow us to do your Bird Dogging for you!
  • We can buy homes in any state, in any condition.
  • TDJI provides full property reports for all of its properties.
  • Investment partnerships welcome
  • Investor funding welcome


TDJI prefers to invest in single-family and multi-family homes or multifamily units in its inventory at this time.  While we currently are focused in Washington and Hawaii, TDJI is open to home purchases anywhere in United States (except Alaska).


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We can work with homeowners to find affordable housing options by finding a distressed property in a good neighborhood, we will renovate and design it with the personal preferences of the purchaser's budget, and create a very affordable and custom housing option.  Building your own equity is a way to side-step high housing cost!  This service is only available in certain areas (WA, MD, HI).



TDJI can provide a sound resource for investment opportunities. We search for value in our opportunities, and give our Client Lists first choice of our finds.  Join our Client Lists for opportunities to purchase bargain or investment rentals before they are listed.  We can also look for opportunities that fit your investment preference.  Tell us what you are looking for and where, and we will deliver it to you when we find it.. 

TDJ Investments, LLC

We Sell Homes Too!

We Buy As-Is Homes!

homeowner relief 


We offer discrete, sensitive, honest and fair exit strategies for homeowners who are transitioning out of their homes.  Foreclosure is stressful and daunting.  Come see us early so we can help.  Let's discuss options that will work for you!  There are a lot of creative options available, so don't wait - contact us today!.