TDJ Investments, LLC


TDJ Investments, LLC or TDJI is a new, different kind of real estate investor firm.  We specialize in reviving abandoned and disinvested properties into livable opportunities.  We have a variety of homes that we offer to our Circle of Investors that represents value, quality and at times - a really good buy!   We can also customize our search for whatever you are looking for.  TDJI is very thorough with its research methods.  Each of our properties come with a Prospectus Report that provides the market research and value analysis performed.   We offer Wholesale and Renovated housing opportunities to our Circle of Investors three days prior to posting to our website.   If you would like to join the TDJI Circle of Investors and get insider information on sound business investments, sign up below.     
Wholesale Opportunities – Contracted property opportunities with honest condition assessments that are available for your consideration.  We have very reasonable fees, based on the sale potential – leaving plenty of meat! 

Investment Search Request – You tell us what you are looking for (and where), and we will find opportunities and deliver them to you.

Renovated Homes or Sale – Homes that TDJI has creatively reconditioned for immediate sale.  We only make quality renovations.

When you make a Wholesale or Purchase selection, you will get a full Assessment on each property.

If you have property, and you want to partner with us on our creative renovation approach, let us know.  We have unique ways of creating value in any property.

We Have houses to sell!!