• Professional Mentoring: 

Sometimes, a business has to reset the barometer on the climate of the office.  Employees can make or break a business, and it's good to show them that management cares about how they feel.  We can help you change the climate with a few teambuilding exercises.  We can host these at your site, or plan off-sites - based on your preferences.  

  • Property Partnering: 
  • Life Coaching: 

Small business mentoring has been a key skill that TDJI executes.  We can show you how to posture your company to grow, how to compete in the professional marketplace, and how to maximize profits. 

Our Services

NOTE:  TDJI is not a license Realtor or Mortgage broker, and does not offer those services.

We can help your business maximize profits, improve internal processes, improve morale, provide exceptional services, and increase business volume with our process improvement study, analysis and implementation.  After we analyze your current business systems, we will  help your company make the recommended changes to maximize efficiencies, cut overhead costs, and increase your bottom line.   

TDJI can train your Managers and Supervisors to be more effective, mission-oriented and stewards of a positive and healthy work environment for your employees. TDJI can provide one-on-one new Supervisor training, that will provide tools and techniques for managing your talent.  Effective leaders have effective results.  If morale is failing in your organization, and it is affecting your bottom line; call us today! 


BUSINESS, community & personal services

Tonja can help you with planning and executing your professional growth by providing one-on-one mentoring and consultation.  With a strong emphasis on goal management. She will help you create a professional goal plan, and help you maximize opportunities to meet them.  This very private service is offered to anyone that is trying to ensure their professional success, who has just stepped into a new role at work (like a new Supervisor), or is preparing themselves to compete and take a role with increased responsibilities.  TDJI can provide one-on-one Supervisor training to you, so that you can be a more effective leader.

  • Management & Supervisor Training: 
  • Real Estate Investment: 
  • Housing Development/Rehabilitation: 

Rental and Out-of-State Home/

Condo Owners - This option is

perfect for you!  If you are tired

of the time and stress of dealing with tenants or property management; let TDJI lease your property directly.  We will insure your property against loss, and provide a guaranteed rent payment to you each month.  You don't have to do a thing but provide a safe and usable property.  We will manage the property for you and ensure that it stays in equal or better condition than when we rented it.  Talk to us about our win-win options. 

  • Small Business Mentoring: 



TDJI offers a wide range of personal services that can help with your personal growth by providing life-coaching, mentoring, parenting and/or other personal services.  Get one-on-one help with making and executing a personal plan to address the things in your life that cause you stress and keep you from being the best YOU.  We will give you tools and techniques to keep you on solid ground in the future. 

                      TDJI is a Small Minority-owned, Veteran-   

                      owned,  woman-owned company with strong

                      construction management skills as a Prime or Subcontractor.  We can coordinate, execute and/or oversee housing development projects!  TDJI's CEO has over 12 years of construction contract management experience.  The company prefers projects that rejuvenate old homes, buildings or other properties; to give new life and reinvestment in existing communities.     

  • Teambuilding Workshops: 
  • Process Improvement Analysis: 


Talk to us if you need to get out of

your current real estate property

arrangement.   We will purchase

your property, regardless of the shape that it is in.  If you are tired of being a landlord, or want to trade out your real estate inventory, talk to us.  If you are under water in your mortgage, and don't see a way out; come talk to us.  We are specialist in creative real estate transactions that will give you the freedom you are seeking.